Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lets go shopping: The Mahoromatic Multi-Material Statue.

"Otaku and motorheads take notice - the combination of bishoujo beauty and motorcycle brilliance is here Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden! This is an amazingly detailed "multi material" statue, consisting of a pvc figure of the cute android Mahoro (clad in her maid outfit with pistol in hand), along with an abs/pvc motorcycle with die-cast metal/chogokin cowling - over 60% of the bike is metal! The astounding detail of the bike is evident with its rotating rubber tires and movable steering & handlebars. With the die-cast metal cowling removed, you can see the full frame of the cycle, its engine, gears, and more! This item is collaboration between bishoujo figure sculptor Tsukuru Shirahige and motorcycle expert sculptor Yasuhiro Nemoto. The bike is over 7" long (1/12 scale), prepainted, and requires you to snap the removable cowling on the bike, and place Mahoro-san in her seat. It is packaged in a collectible, deluxe fifth-panel window box."

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