Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heroes: The San Francisco Motorcycle Emergency Response Corps.

Surely it could never happen here?-Kobe, Japan.
"The Motorcycle Emergency Response Corps hopes to save lives by moving personnel and supplies around the city in the event of a disaster.

MERCury will be coordinating with the Office of Emergency Services and San Francisco Fire Department to provide trained citizen volunteers who can safely and efficiently move through the congested, and possibly damaged, streets of the City after a natural disaster such as an earthquake, or an act of terrorism. They will ferry supplies and rescuers, make damage assessments, and work with the Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams.

Members of MERCury will be trained in First Aid, light search and rescue, amateur radio, and advanced motorcycling skills. They also will participate in twice-yearly disaster drills in concert with the Fire Department, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT), and the bicycle-based Courier Disaster Response Team. In addition, they will be trained in motorcycle-specific First Aid."

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