Friday, August 29, 2008

The Chopper Zombie.

The American dream: A boy and his Zombie Chopper.

"Designed by Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycles, and special effects artist Robert Hall from Almost Human. The ‘Chopper Zombie’ is from the new graphic novel created by Thom Beers.

The plot revolves around a motorcycle builder who refuses to sell his formula for a new superfuel to a dangerous corporation, but when a team of hooligans kill him, he arises from the dead to seek revenge eventually sabotaging their lives! This masterpiece certainly evokes the love for ghouls and ghosts a little more. It reminds you of all the creepy monstrous characters from games like Resident evil, House of the dead, Parasite eve, Doom. Truly a treat for the ones who love this sort of stuff, the novel is bound to release sometime next year. Future plans also include a movie."
External Link: Chopper Zombie

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