Friday, August 15, 2008

deviant Art: UnGainlyTramp.

Artist's Comments:

"I always wanted to do a fictional giant motorcycle. A huge bike that looks like it weighs 800 to 1000 lbs. The animated Batman series had some bikes designed like this and I thought they looked pretty cool. The front end is supposed to resemble a freight train to try to give it some mass. The full body fairing doesn’t come lower than the lowest foot pegs, which have been transformed into running boards like on the side of a truck. The idea was inspired by the full body cover they use on landspeed bikes. I was actually kind of surprised how tightly those things can turn at low speeds. (Although they probably can’t corner at racing speeds.)

This bike was designed to be a long-range freeway cruiser, the cover very long distances at high speeds (75 – 120 mph) and do so comfortably. The engine alone is Indian but the rest of the bike is original design. I didn’t want to give it a fancy paintjob because I’m far more fascinated by utilitarian vehicles, rather than flashy show bikes. Give me a German Ural above an Orange County bike, any day."

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