Sunday, August 31, 2008

Designers: Bjorn Ollner.

"Bjorn Ollner was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1947. He studied architecture at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and became a registered Architect in 1975 with a special interest for free form concrete buildings.

In 1976 Bjorn came to Vancouver, Canada, to broaden his architectural abilities by working with movies and television.

Mr. Ollner specializes in conceiving ideas which include new and innovative thoughts, ideas that inspire! His strength lies in combining fun and fantasy with technical expertise.

Bjorn works with World Expositions, trade shows, science centres, museums, feature films and a variety of other organizations. He is a team player and a collaborator. Bjorn has a unique flair for putting magic and wonder into his work while keeping it practical, durable, safe and accessible.

Mr. Ollner's keen attention to detail and constant vigilance regarding his clients' goals have enabled him to produce projects of the highest quality. His creative vision, leadership and constant drive for perfection have contributed positively in many team work situations."

Sadly Bjorn does not give us any detail on his amazing Yamaha custom

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