Friday, August 22, 2008

Dr D M Southhall's Red Max Monowheel.

Dr D M Southhall and his Monowheel

"The Red Max was built with a 5' diameter hoop wheel of 2" steel tube using three 19" mountain bike tyres, cut to size and pop riveted on with a wall thickness 1/8". made by The Angle Ring company with rollers custom made by AED rollers. The engine is a 90cc 'loncin' quad engine, auto with centrifugal clutch. The drive wheel is a mini moto wheel with sprocket for larger chain with a disc brake. The petrol tank from a Villiers stationary engine.

What's it like to ride ?

Difficult to describe because a monowheel is not like any other vehicle. Initially it requires careful throttle control. The brake has to be used with extreme caution! 'Gerbiling' ( going completely over in the wheel) is very possible! After a few goes getting your feet off the floor is quite easy. Steering is the major problem, the handle bars are only there to mount the controls on, they don't really do anything.

A monowheel is basically a gyroscope so steering works by shifting your weight. It sounds so easy but you have no idea!"

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