Monday, August 25, 2008

The Dirtsurfer.

Via: exexeq Via: gearfuse
"The Freestyle Dirtsurfer features all the upgrades of the Flexi-Pro on a shorter length frame and smaller 16" tires. The reduction in size allows for a lighter board that is more maneuverable so you can pull off the biggest tricks imaginable! This board skates extremely well, but can still tackle the rough terrain.

Although the ultimate toy for the serious freestyler, the FS is also the ideal board for smaller riders. Being over 8 inches shorter in overall length than the DH and Flexi Pro, this board is much easier for shorter and lighter riders to control.

Dirtsurfers are exceptionally easy to ride. In fact, unlike a skateboard, the faster you go, the more stable they become. This is due to the larger wheels and patented steering mechanism. As soon as you get moving, the front wheel stabilizes and only turns when you lean. Even people without snowboard or surfing experience can quickly learn to ride the Dirtsurfers. If you start on a grass hill with a gentile slope, you should be riding the board successfully within a few minutes.

To control speed, the brake is a simple lever-activated disk brake mounted on the rear wheel. Just nudge the brake bar with your leg by leaning towards the rear for progressive, powerful braking. If you brake too much, your forward momentum will move you off the brake lever and reduce braking, to help you maintain control."

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