Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Its a living.

Via: mackay entertainment

"Towering fifty feet in the air stands the Cyber Cycle. During the show, John continually drives his motorcycle around the disk, keeping Tina in constant motion around the track as she performs on an aerial trapeze attached to the motorcycle by a ladder-like rigging. Beginning the show, Tina daringly performs a series of incredible death-defying stunts on the aerial trapeze. Next, she places a strap around her neck and lowers herself until she is held in mid air by nothing but the thin strap. John continues to race around the disk with Tina spinning by her neck as she circles the disk. Tina completes the last part of her act by spinning around the disk, hanging by her toes. Tina hangs suspended in air with nothing but her feet and balance to keep her from falling - no nets or safety devices. At the end of her routine, Tina asks the crowd to direct their attention to John as he revs his engine and races around the disk faster than ever. As his speed increases, the motorcycle comes completely off the base of the track and the sparks fly as he performs aerial flips from his motorcycle. "

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Anonymous said...

I love it, but that's mad! Why would you do that?