Monday, August 18, 2008

Spare Change?

Via: Liberty Games

"Ring Riders differs from your avergae racing game where instead of reaching checkpoints to continue game play the player is allowed continue the race with points awarded by skilfully navigating the bike through coloured rings and by performing tricks!

The player can select from 20 different characters and race against the clock to be the winner of this intense race and compete in a blistering head to head meet!

The Theme Park entices players with two racing circuits, “Seaquake Ride” and “Hurricane Ride” featuring diverse tracks and a variety of conditions including sand, water, mud, track and others.

The difficulty level depends on a range of weather conditions: sun, wind, rain, fog or snow which effect how hard it is to handle the bike; the players must develop the necessary skills to work the controls to the best advantage amd achieve quality tricks"

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