Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jessica Findley's Aeolian Bike Ride.

Via: burda style
"Freelance designer and artist Jessica Findley uses her sewing machine to create suits that are part of her Aelian Bike Ride - a “public art piece, driven by people, to change space within the city”

The idea for the project happened by accident when Jessica was cycling and saw how her wind-breaker jacket was reacting to the wind, she wondered what kind of sculptural shapes she could make out of it.

Instead of blocking the wind, Jessica transformed rip-stock nylon into bubbles, drops, and bunnies that catch the wind and blossom their beauty while riding a bike. Until now, Jessica has managed to organize Aeolian Bike Rides in Brooklyn, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Halifax in Canada, Melbourne in Australia, Cape Town in South Africa.

Each ride consists of about 50 people - that means more than two weeks of sewing, she can finish about three suits per day. That's quite a bit of work, but always worthwhile - her goal is "to get people excited and simply make them happy."

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