Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monowheels: The Beijing Light Wheels.

Via: treehugger
"Hopefully bike and monowheel fans caught sight of the 60 rather spectacular "Light Wheels" spinning around at the 2008 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony in Beijing.

(...and these weren’t the only homage that the Olympics paid to the bike. It was the first Olympic Games where BMX (bicycle motocross) was a sport in its own right.)

The official, somewhat overwrought, description of the bikes goes: ‘With a diameter of 2.008 meters, the "light wheel" gives off romantic and pure fluorescent light, resembling the structure of the Bird's Nest. When it revolves in the stadium like a beautiful light circle, it shows the collision of time and space and the human spirit of constantly surpassing oneself and never giving up.’
Jeff Gross/Getty Images from NYT

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