Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scoot - An electrifying bike for urban commute needs.

Via: the design blog

"When the concept of electric bikes had first hit technology - giants, accolades flew in from all directions. But yet they do not enjoy a major share of personal transport market, for reasons best known to consumers. However, Scoot seems to be a strong contender and will change the meaning of electric mobility. It seeks to cater the daily travel needs along with delivering a non-polluting and noise-free performance. It wouldn’t be looked down by style aficionados as the bike believes in connoting style and simplicity.

GRO design, TIM modelmakers and Korff & van Mierlo photographers teamed up to pool their top-notch specialist skills for this project.

A lithium ion battery will put the bike in get-up-and-go mood but the speed would be restricted to 30km/h for its nomenclature is of an electric bike, eliminating the hassles of helmet and number plate. It’s obvious for such bikes could be an easy pick for the bunch of bad guys, who can victimize pedestrians and abscond easily.

The eco-friendly would run easy on your pocket too since you could travel up to 50km with a price of 50 cents. You could park it anywhere without attracting any costs but the price tag of $2,777 might just dig a momentary hole in your pocket."

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