Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lionboogy's Cosplay Xenosaga bike.

We live in the future. As a child baseball cards in the spokes were nothing short of incredible-and today this.

This pict above (taken by Amanda Nanawa taken at the Anime Expo 2006) has always yielded a lot of questions about the origin of this amazing bike. Inventive cosplayer propmaker "Lionboogy" has recreated the character KOS-MOS's Hoverbike from the video game Xenosaga.

Lionboogy says "its the largest most difficult prop I've ever made and yes, it is a real (but no longer functional) bike, stripped down to just the rear wheel and frame and then heavily modified with new skeleton and external panels and whatever it took to make it ridable, able to quickly assemble and disassemble, and light enough to carry up on stage for the Masquerade." lionboogy has created other cosplay bikes, but we'll just leave those for another time.

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